Umbra & Ximm

A young, half-demon necromancer. She uses her demonic abilities to perform odd contracts for the highest bidder while dabbling in some tomb raiding to make ends meet.


While raiding a temple, she was caught breaking into the main chamber by an angry guardian and cursed to carry the soul of another thief who was killed raiding the same temple. Only answering to the name of Ximm, this crude and often annoying creature is now trapped in her hair. They’ve heard rumors of something that can break the curse but so far have only managed to get the name “the ancient power” from locals who are even willing to talk about.


Umbra, although only half-demon, can bring forth full demonic forms for short periods of time if she focuses hard enough.

This form refuses to emerge on command. As such, Umbra is forced to use a special potion she discovered to make the demon emerge when she needs to perform some intense feat of summoning or physical strength.

This form encases her body in an extremely hard, black shell that protects her from most attacks. It is designed primarily for battle and as such is leaner and faster than most other demon forms. This form is also very aggressive and can be a little hard to control given it’s violent nature.

During this transformation, Ximm’s soul is moved into the demon’s tail giving him a little more range in movement.
Umbra has only recently discovered this previously dormant demon form thanks to some guidance from her friend and mentor, Moriko.

The light demon is much more positive and will emerge without much fuss whenever it is needed without the use of any potions. It is a more maternal form whose role is traditionally the production and raising of demonic offspring.

As such, this form is slightly shorter with broader hips than the dark form and has less brute strength overall. However, it’s attributes still far exceed anything Umbra can achieve on her own.

Umbra is still figuring out the abilities and limitations of this new form so it is unknown just how much more it may be capable of at this time.