Bottomless Pouch of Sayuman (Umbra’s Pouch)

This tiny little pouch actually contains a small pocket of infinite space which allows it’s owner to store just about anything imaginable. No matter how much is stored in it, the pouch’s weight never increases for the bearer making it ideal for treasure hunters. The only limitation of the pouch is that it can not be used to store living beings, only inanimate objects.

Once used by the great King Sayuman during his journeys across the desert, he was able to survive by storing vast amounts of food and water in it until he reached what is now his kingdom.

The pouch was soon sold off and ended up in Gavas Stonewell’s shop where it was purchased by Umbra. Now she wears it on her hip and uses it store a variety of items she requires on her adventures as well as being able to store any large amount of treasure she may encounter.