Vinus Whip (Umbra’s Whip)

Umbra’s main tool and weapon is a whip she carries on her hip. It is made of a very durable leather created from the skin of Vinus Bisons that can withstand a lot of pressure and pulling without loosing it’s form. The handle is made of a sturdy polished steel that features a Halker’s Stone in the hilt.

With the stone mounted into the handle, it can feed it’s energy through the whip and temporarily charge it making it incredibly destructive if the whip is flicked towards something (as she found out when she tested it and brought down a large tree). The stone can only be used once every few days as it needs to recharge itself between strikes. This makes the powered attacked something that is often an option of last resort.

The whip only recently acquired this upgrade as a gift from Gavas Stonewell’s son, Nic, who made the modifications when she left the whip for some repair work at their shop.