Halker’s Stones

A very rare and expensive gem that was discovered by an excavating team lead by famed geologist Arthur Halker. The stone is normally miles below ground out of reach of mining teams. However, when the stone reaches peak energy levels it often releases that energy into the surrounding earth causing mild earthquakes. When a large amount of these tremors are detected, it usually means a vein has moved close enough to be mined and sends teams scrambling to capture it.

The stone is highly prized for it’s seemingly endless energy producing properties. It generates and stores it’s own electrical charge that builds up over time like a rechargable battery. While not useful for long term power needs, it can serve a lot of uses in weaponry and other devices that require short term power consumption solutions.

Scientists hypothesize that it generates it’s energy through some kind of molecular vibration within the stone itself. Almost like how rubbing a balloon on a carpet produces static electricity.

However, at this time there have been no confirmed tests that prove or disprove this theory and people are too busy buying and selling the gems to really care how they work.