Ipsea Stones

A rare gem that has the ability to transfer or contain spirit energy or souls within it. It has a variety of uses outside of magic rituals the most common being use by midwives when they need to safely transfer an unborn child from one womb to another.

The stones are commonly a blood red color but are actually clear like diamonds before they are used the first time. A clear Ipsea stone is worth ten times the value of a red gem although both seem to have become more desired in the last few decades.

The gem gets it’s name from the town that first discovered it in their coal mines. Ipsea is now a ghost town after the last major war but there are those that still live close by to continue mining for the rare gem.

The stone is incredibly dangerous to cut and as such only one place in the known world has gem cutters skilled enough to prepare and polish the stones – The Palace of Vita. To protect their own souls from the influence of the gems, they have had their eyes replaced with goggles that allow them to see a variety of spectrums. Their hands are also replaced with mechanical ones that allow them to touch the stones directly when working with them.

It is believed the stones use beings eyes and skin to corrupt and eventually syphon their soul energy if they are not handled properly. Without the proper precautions, even moderate use can turn deadly for the owner of a stone.